"Glamorous Entertainment On Ice"

The U.K.'s Leading Provider of Ice Skating Shows Performed on Synthetic Ice

Show Packages

We provide a full package show including spectacular costumes, dynamic choreography and if required our very own synthetic ice surface.  If your venue has the correct height and rigging specifications, we can also provide a range of sensational aerial acts.

The theme of the show or the genre of music we provide can be tailored to suit you or your company and guests’ tastes. Alternatively if you do not wish to be involved in the planning of the show, rest assured that we will take care of everything and produce a tremendous show for you. We have years of experience in show business and have first-hand knowledge of how to capture the audiences heart and leave them cheering for more!

Below you can find a list of just some of the show packages we offer:

"Let's Dance on Ice"

This spectacular Ice Skating show, performed on synthetic ice is designed to dazzle you with breathtaking lifts, tricks and spins with a cast of international ice skating stars who have performed in world class Ice Shows such as Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice.
Ice Glitz Productions specialise in creating glamorous entertainment on ice and this production is no exception. Filled with dynamic choreography, stunning costumes and sensational music.

This show is performed in two halves of 35 minutes with inclusion of variety acts who have performed in some of the worlds top Variety and Circus shows, including the prestigious Cirque Du Soleil. If required this show can also be made shorter.

 "Glamour On Ice" 
This show package is a full 20 Minute Show Package which is usually split into 2 x 10 minute halves or we can do a full 20 Minute Performance. This show is action packed with outstanding skating spins & tricks from our international ice skating stars but most of's full of glamour!

It features at least 7 different costume changes and routines! We have blended a playlist of music old & new, including songs from the 40's & 50's right through to 2013.

Whatever your taste or your guest's tastes...... "Glamour On Ice" is a spectacular addition to any event.

"Halloween on Ice"
Show package will guarantee you and your guests a fright night to remember!

 Sit back & be terrified yet pleasantly entertained by our variety of frighteningly fierce Halloween characters & routines.

 Join our skating ghosts & ghouls, burlesque witches, vampires & corpse brides as they take you on a journey through the underworld on ice.

"Winter Wonderland On Ice" Available in show lengths ranging from 10 minutes to 25 minutes.

For this show package we have created a spectacular Christmas  themed show with music ranging from traditional Christmas classics right through to the modern Christmas hits of the Millenum.

This show package features shimmering fur trimmed costumes and glamorous feather showgirls.

Our fairies on ice, candy cane show girls and Christmas blues boys are sure to warm your hearts next Christmas and leave you and your guests feeling full of Christmas Cheer!

Mini Event Show Package

We offer this show option for smaller events & galas. The difference between this package and the above packages is that we provide only one or two ice skaters to perform solo routines and perhaps one adagio routine and the synthetic ice size tends to be smaller.

As there is only 1 or 2 ice skaters the show length is shorter and we usually perform a maximum length of 4 minute solos but can offer 3 or 4 different styles with different costumes.

This package is ideal for Weddings, Anniversaries & Night Club Events and although there are less ice skaters the quality of the performances & glamorous costumes is outstanding.  

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