"Glamorous Entertainment On Ice"


Synthetic Ice

  1. What is Synthetic Ice?

    Synthetic Ice is a specially formulated type of plastic that can be used to ice skate on. It is environmentally friendly and does not require any electricity or water supply.

    The biggest advantage of synthetic ice is that it does not melt like real ice would in high temperatures therefore it is perfect for outdoor events in summer  or in countries with a year round warm climate.

  2. How long does it take to install the ice ready for a show?

    Our synthetic ice can be installed in 20 minutes but as we need to connect each piece securely we recommend installing the synthetic ice prior to your guests arrival so as not to cause a disurbance.

  3. Can the ice be removed straight after the show?

    YES. If needed the ice can be removed immediately after the show, quickly and quietly to leave more floor space for your guests.

  4. What size is the ice?

    We have an available ice size of 7.20m x 5m but if your space is limited we have also done solo performances on a size of 2m by 3m but this does limit the amount of technical skating content.

    The size and shape of the ice is easily adaptable and we can usually fit in enough ice to perform on, almost anywhere!

    For bigger productions we have a rental supplier who can add to our ice to make it as large as you require which also means we can have more  skaters in the show if required.

    We have 2 sets of ice surfaces so for a large venue with multiple rooms we could set up ice in 2 or 3 different rooms for multiple perormances.

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