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Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice is a specially formulated type of plastic designed for ice skating.

It is environmentally friendly and does not require any electricity or water supply.

The surface is composed of specially engineered polymers that allow a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice.

Each panel  is 1.3 metre square and is put together using an interlocking assembly method (similar to a jig-saw puzzle).It can be built to any size, inside or outside even  in extreme temperatures.

Our synthetic ice is virtually unaffected by very high or very low temperatures, and is completely waterproof so can even be skated on when it is wet, if necessary.

Our Synthetic Ice surface can be installed in roughly 20 minutes time and removed in just 10 minutes, which is an added bonus if your floor space is limited.

The ice can be removed straight after the show if required, leaving plenty of space for you and your guests.

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