Acts That Can Be Included With Our Ice Shows Acts That Can Be Included With Our Ice Shows Male Aerial Hoop Act 173391913 Female Contorsion Act 173396876 Female Contorsion Act 173396873 173396866 Female Hula Hoop Act 173396867 Female Hula Hoop Act 173396868 Female Aerial Silk Act 173396874 Female Silk Act 173396877 Female Aerial Silk Act 173396875 Female Aerial Ring Act 173396870 Female Aerial Ring Act 173396871 Female Aerial Ring Act 173396869 Female Skating Hula Hoop Act 173400415 Female Contorsion Act 173396872 Male Cyr Wheel Act 173746252 Skating Aerial Straps Duo 173746241 Skating Aerial Straps Duo Act 173746242 Skating Aerial Straps Duo Act 173746243 Male Aerial Silk Act 173746244 Male Aerial Silk Act 173746245 Male Aerial Silk Act 173746246 Male Cyr Wheel Act 173746248 Male Cyr Wheel Act 173746249 Male Cyr Wheel Act 173746250 BMX Flatlander Act 173746251 BMX Flatlander Act 173746247 Female Aerial Hoop Contorsion 173746253 Female Aerial Hoop Contorsion 173746254 Male Jump-Stilt Act 173746255 Male Jump-Stilt Act 173746256 Male Jump-Stilt Act 173746257